Nicky Kerr Bone has a versatile approach to her work, she has worked on many different types of project and has an ability to intuitively understand the extensive list of materials available to her as an artist. Exploring mixed media, sculpture and painting, she now introduces digital artworks. Her work is vibrant, vivid and energetic, sometimes ethereal. Nicky's concept explores the intangible.
Carole Williams, Quest Designs PR.


Following an initial period at art school Nicky originally worked as an assistant designer in costume and set design for theatre and opera. After which and for many years, her work focused as a gilder, restorer and decorative artist, working with both furniture and specialist paint finishes for the interiors of private and public buildings. As a muralist she has produced a number of hand painted, decoratively designed ceilings and walls and has trained several apprentices in these fields. With a full and extensive client list, often working with reputable and established design firms, her commissions have given her opportunity to work both locally and abroad.
Carole Williams, Quest Designs PR.


Art Schools
The City & Guilds of London Art School, London.
Central School of Art and Design, London (now Central St Martin's UAL)
Kensington & Chelsea College, London (now Morley College, London)
Studio Technician
Sculpture Summer School. Kensington & Chelsea College, London.
Artist in Residence
Department of Sculpture, Kensington & Chelsea College, London.
Tutorials and presentations for art students.
Private individuals and children 9-15yrs.